– What material are organizers made from?

  Our products are made from solid birch. The choice of this type of wood is due to its high stability, physical and mechanical properties in terms of density and strength, the absence of natural resins, as well as the region of growth and availability of raw materials.   Here you can learn more about why we chose this particular type of wood.

– What are the differences between the “standard” and “techno” organizerss?

  The main difference is the construction. “Standard” organizer is inserted into the existing pull-out kitchen drawer, and “Techno” organizer is installed on the sliding mechanism guides with no need in the pull-out kitchen drawer.

Buyers choose the construction mostly due to the readiness of furniture. If you purchase an organizer in the process of designing or ordering your kitchen furniture, then “Techno” organizer is better for you, which will allow you to save on a drawer that you will not need. If you order an organizer for the ready-made furniture you already have, then “Standard” organizer is your choice. Here you can learn more about the differences in the organizers’ construction.

– What is the difference between “universal” organizers and “special” ones?

“Universal” organizers are suitable for the free placement of cutlery and kitchen utensils that you have. “Special” organizers are sold, equipped with Italian PINTINOX devices, each of which is provided with its own separate place.

– Can I install the platform on my own?

Yes, the installation of our products is as simple as possible. We attach a clear instruction with illustrations, so even an absolutely unprepared person can cope with this.

– What if I did not find a suitable organizer in your catalogue?

If, for some reason, among the organizers developed by us, there was not one that would fully meet your requirements, contact us and we will manufacture the platform, according to individual request and all your wishes.

– How and where can I buy a platform?

You can order the product you like by any of the following methods:

– What are the organizerss covered with? Is this coating safe?

Our platforms are treated with special natural oils and protective coatings from European manufactures, which give them an attractive look, ensures safety and protection from external influences. These coatings are safe and eco friendly.

– Are the platforms moisture resistant?

Our platforms are made of solid birch, which has a high stability – 3 units. Products from birch wood are less susceptible to moisture and temperature than products made from less stable wood, such as beech, which has a stability index of 1 unit.
High stability does not mean that wood is not afraid of moisture. Various coatings and oils are used to protect wood products.
Each buyer of our organizers, as well as of any other wooden products and furniture, should treat them with care, excluding the effects of water and moisture accumulation in the places where utensils, table and kitchen appliances are kept. Avoid sudden changes in humidity and air temperature in rooms where wood products are used.

– How do I look after organizers?

Our platforms do not require special care products. Just make sure that moisture does not accumulate inside the instrument compartments. To avoid damaging the protective coating of the organizer, do not use cleaning agents or solvents. In order to clean the surface of the platform use a soft, slightly wet cloth.

– Do you deliver your products door to door??

Yes, we are able to send you your product according to your choice. For choosing the method of the delivery and calculating the price of delivery, please, contact us before ordering.

– Is there a discount when buying several models of organizers (for example, for plates, appliances and pots)?

Please, contact us to discuss possible discount.

– How are your products packed?

Our products have double packaging : a polyethylene hose, to protect organizer from moisture and dust, and a kraft carton box for convenient transportation and protection from direct sunlight.

– What is a warranty period for your organizers?

18 months

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